Playing with Photography and improving your English Conversation
Fotoworkshop in englischer Sprache

This course is about having fun with a camera, discovering images that you never imagined by action and play. We will focus on the difference between what we can see and what a camera is able to record.
We will also learn the basic practical and technical knowledge needed for recording images, at the same time learning techniques for modifying in-camera results.
This course encourages spontaneous creativity while you master using your camera and gives you the opportunity to improve your English conversation.

Beginn:Sonntag, 15. April 2018
Ende:19. April 2018
Uhrzeit:von 09:00 Uhr bis 12:00 Uhr
2 Kurstage 
Keith Barker
(Photographer, Artist)
Ort:Laichingen, Karlstraße 30Anfahrt
Laichingen; vhs-Studio, Karlstraße 30, Raum 2
50,00 €
Bitte mitbringen:
What to bring: Any digital camera after 2003, a small sketch book and coloured pencils.
Dieser Kurs kann nicht mehr online gebucht werden. Bitte erfragen Sie unter 07333/ 92 52 0-0 ob eine Teilnahme noch möglich ist.

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